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1st Option: Leave in the N-II to Guadalajara, followed by the N-320 to Sacedón, we passed to reach Cañaveras Alcocer.
Estimated time from Madrid is 1 ¼ hours with good road.

2nd Option: Leave in the N-III Tarancon, then N-400 to catch Campoluego Carrascosa the CM-310 Huete, Cañaveras
Estimated time from Madrid is 1 ½ hours with good road.

We follow the N-II to Guadalajara where we Cuenca direction on the N-320 to Sacedón, we passed  Alcocer up to Cañaveras.

For the N-IV to Puerto Lapice take the N-420 to Alcazar de San Juan after the CM-310, Quintanar de la Orden, Carrascosa del Campo, Huete, Cañaveras.

For the A3 up to about Minglanilla after the CM-211 to Almodóvar del Pinar take the N-320 to Cuenca. After crossing Cuenca continue towards Madrid until the first indication to Guadalajara (N-320) that we take to the right, we pass Chillarón, Villar de Domingo Garcia, and Cañaveras.
From Valencia estimated arrival time is 2 hours.


Booking and info: 686 71 75 94 // 660 21 40 44